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Module: 1.1.8 Meeting the Needs of Children and Youth

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This module was revised in 2016 to incorporate social-emotional learning, character building and Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California as part of CalSAC's work with the Expanded Learning 360/365 project.

During this training, participants will learn the importance of meeting the social-emotional and developmental needs of children and youth, and strategies to make sure that their needs are being met.

In this training participants will:  

·   Gain a theoretical background to help understand the needs of children/youth

·   Learn several strategies to determine if the needs of children/youth are being met

·   Be able to gather and analyze information to improve program effectiveness

Content Overview:

Meeting the Needs Key Concepts

Participants will review the concepts to be prepared to meet the needs of children/youth in their programs.  Setting a vision, planning strategically, engaging the children/youth and determine program effectiveness.

Theoretical Background

Participants will learn about Erik Erikson’s theory of children’s needs and reflect on how school-age care programs can use it to help meet the needs of children and youth.

Is the Program Working?

Participants will learn several strategies to determine if a program is effectively meeting the needs of children/youth. 

Evidence of Effectiveness

Participants will discuss how to gather information, determine what information to gather, and how they will use the information they gather to strengthen programming.

Scenario Follow-up

Participants will apply their new skills and knowledge to re-evaluate a scenario.

Training Length: 2 hours

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