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Module: 1.1.5 Fostering Interpersonal Connections with Children and Youth

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This module was revised in 2016 to incorporate social-emotional learning and Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California as part of CalSAC's work with the Expanded Learning 360/365 project and revised in 2019 to incorporate language to support mental health and wellness. 

This training will give participants an understanding of the importance of working with children/youth to develop interpersonal skills, social awareness and teach them practical strategies for supporting this development. 

In this  training participants will:

Content Overview:

Walking Down the Street

Participants will reflect on what interpersonal connections they want to see in the children/youth when they become young adults. This will give perspective on what steps they need to take now to encourage the development of these social skills. 

Making and Fostering Friendships

Participants will explore what it takes to develop specific interpersonal connections.  They will then look at what the “experts” say, and create an expanded list of interpersonal connections skills that need to be encouraged in their programs.

Establishing Community

Intentionally establishing community is a critical part of afterschool programming.  Participants will experience community building activities and debriefing/reflection techniques to connect the dots between the activity and the lesson. 

Group Solutions

Participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to different situations.

Training Length: 2 hours

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