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Module: 4.5.3 Designing Safe and Supportive Programs

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During module, participants will explore the importance of creating safety in their program for young people and how their program promotes emotional and physical safety.

This module was developed as a part of the OST Wellness Network.

In this training, participants will: 

Content Overview:

Reflecting on Safety and Belonging

Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on a time when they felt safe and felt like they belonged. This will help set the stage to understanding the ways in which they can promote emotional and physical safety in their programs.

Safety: Looks and Sounds

Participants will identify concrete ways of what safety looks and sounds like in their own life. 

Key Concepts: Design by Values

Participants will learn about the two primary components that impact a young person’s experience in program: program culture and program design.  

Current Design and Practice

Participants will explore the practices and strategies they currently implement that promotes safety in their program.

Action Planning

Participants will have an opportunity to determine the adjustments they want to make to their current practice to be more intentional to ensure young people feel safe in their program.

Training Length: 2 hours

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