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Module: 4.6.2 Going Deeper: Supporting Social-Emotional Learning

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During this module, participants will explore program practices that support social-emotional skill development. Participants will use their results from a self-reflection tool to identify actions they can take to strengthen their abilities to support social-emotional skill development.

This module was developed as part of the Expanded Learning 360/365 project, revised in 2016 to specific language, examples and tips for summer and year-round learning programs, and revised in 2019 to incorporate specific language to support mental health and wellness.

In this training participants will:

Content Overview:

Review the Importance of Social-Emotional Learning, Character Development and Quality

Participants will review key concepts from module 4.6.1 Social-Emotional Learning and Enhancing Quality that are relevant to the training today.

Skills in Action Activity 

Participants will view a strategy that supports social-emotional in action and then discuss what they saw in small groups.

Integrating the Strategy 

Participants will reflect on major components of the strategy and how they can integrate parts of it in their own program and activities.

Self-Reflection and Action Planning 

Participants will reflect on the scores received on the self-reflection tool completed prior to the training. In pairs, participants will discuss what program practices they are strong in and create a plan of action to grow. 

Training Length: 2 hours

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