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Module: 4.6.4 We Belong 100: Supporting Social-Awareness and Interpersonal Skills

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During this module, participants will learn about how culturally grounded beliefs and background affect our practice with youth, how to help raise our awareness of those factors, and share current strategies and resources to support the development young people’s social-awareness and interpersonal skills.

In this training participants will:

Content Overview:

Establishing Agreements

Participants will review a list of group agreements and consider how they might be used to support the development of young people’s social-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Exploring Personal Competence

Participants will read the Incident Poem and reflect on their own childhood memories through partner interviews to increase their awareness of how those experiences may be impacting their work with young people.

Focused Conversation

Participants will review the Focused Conversation tool as a method of asking questions that allows for multiple perspectives.

Program Practice and Resource Sharing

Participants will share and discuss the strategies identified, current practices, and resources for supporting youth in social-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Training Length: 2 hours

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