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Module: 4.7.4 Leading Teams and Organizations with Head and Heart

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During this module, participants will explore the importance of creating safe environments for adult staff to experience and thrive amongst change. Strategies and tools will be shared for participants to successfully diagnose and navigate various stages and types of change.

In this training participants will:

Content Overview:

Leading Teams and Organizations

Participants will review the key concepts from module 4.7.1 Leading with Head and Heart that are relevant to the training today in relation to leading teams and organizations.

Three Stages of Change

To help foster the type of leadership needed to navigate change, participants will understand the differences between change and transition, and explore how people experience each of the three stages of change.

Diagnosing Technical Problems and Adaptive

Participants will understand the difference between technical problems and adaptive challenges.

Adaptive Leadership and Organizations 

Equipped with an understanding of how to diagnose adaptive challenges, participants will be introduced to individual leadership strategies as well as organizational practices that foster a safe environment for staff to experience change. 

Training Length: 2 hours

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