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Module: 4.7.3 Coaching with Head and Heart

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This module introduces participants to a coaching process that includes an awareness to social-emotional learning and character of adults. Designed for those in leadership and/or supervisory positions, participants will practice skills needed in coaching to support an environment for adult staff to learn and grow.

In this training participants will:

Content Overview:

When to Coach 

Participants will identify what coaching is and is not, as well as for what situations coaching is needed versus other types of support.

The Coaching Model: An Equity Lens

Participants will be in introduced to a coaching model that gives attention to equity, including what mindset, skills and process a coach needs to support individuals in taking new action.

Foundational Coaching Skills: Listening 

Participants will learn and practice a foundational skill needed in coaching: listening.

Foundational Coaching Skills: Inquiry 

Participants will learn about and identify effective questions that help move a person forward.

The Coaching Process 

Participants will understand four stages in the coaching process.

Determine a Coaching Topic

Participants will learn and reflect on questions that can help one identify a coaching topic.

Peer Coaching Sessions 

Participants will practice the coaching mindset, skills and process in triads. Participants will also receive coaching on a real-time issue or dilemma. 

Training Length: 3 hours

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