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Module: 4.4.1 Creating a Quality Summer Program

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During this training, participants will learn about elements of high-quality summer programs and effective tools to guide programs in their ongoing development of quality programming.

In this training, participants will: 

Content Overview:

Why Summer Matters

Participants will be introduced to the main categories of research that help make the case for why summer matters to children and youth, along with the elements of high-quality summer programming.

Privilege Walk

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the negative effect of summer learning loss on low-income children and youth through an experiential, physical demonstration and reflection.

Quality Improvement Cycle

Participants will learn about the Quality Improvement Cycle and how their program can engage in this continuous process of development.

Creating Unique Program Culture

Participants will describe and demonstrate quality practices of summer programming. This will increase their buy-in and ownership of developing their program, while brainstorming ways to build strong relationships among children, youth, and staff.

Training Length: 2 hours

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