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Module: 1.5.7 Focus on Healthy Living

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This module was revised in 2017 to incorporate specific language, examples and tips for summer and year-round learning programs.

During this module presentation, participants will learn about physical education and health standards and ways in which out-of-school time programs can support mastery of those standards.

In this training participants will:

Content Overview:

Opening Activity - "Protect the 4"

Participants explore the difference between physical activity and sports, and learn that there are three parts of every physical activity: the warm-up, the activity, and the cool down through a demonstration activity. This will help ready participants to discuss how to support the physical education and health standards.

Physical Education and Health Overview and Cracking Physical Education and Health Standards Open

Participants will receive information on Physical Education and Health (draft) Standards, completing a Scavenger Hunt Activity as well as a discussion about what is currently be done in program to support the mastery of standards.

Standards and Out-of-School Time Programs

Participants will have an opportunity to experience ways that out-of-school time programs can support the mastery of physical education and health.

Physical Fitness Action Plan

Participants will consider what they have learned and commit to a plan implementing ways that they can improve overall physical fitness of the children and youth in their out-of-school time program.

Healthy Eating Choices

Participants get to make Celery/Cream Cheese Mummies and discuss ways to incorporate healthy eating choices into their programs.

Training Length: 2 hours 

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