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Module: 1.5.4 Focus on Math

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This module was revised in 2017 to incorporate specific language, examples and tips for summer and year-round learning programs.

During this module presentation, participants will learn about mathematics standards and ways in which out-of-school time programs can support mastery of those standards.

In this training participants will:

Content Overveiw:

Opening Activity - "Math Blast"

Mathematics Overview and Cracking Mathematics Standards Open

Participants will receive information on Mathematics Standards, completing a Scavenger Hunt Activity as well as a discussion about what is currently done in program to support the mastery of standards.

Standards and Out-of-School Time Programs

Participants will have an opportunity to experience the three ways that out-of-school time programs can support standards mastery: number sense (place value), geometry (creating shapes), and changing a worksheet into a game.

Training Length: 2 hours

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