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Module: 4.2.3 Healthy Cultural Identities and Engaging Families and Communities

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Participants explore the benefits of connecting young people to their home languages and cultures, and will learn how to effectively engage with EL families and communities.

In this training, participants will:

Content Overview:

Cupcake Exchange Quotes

Participants take turns pairing up to read quotes from ELs. This will prepare them to understand some of the issues children/youth are grappling with in building healthy cultural identities.

New Americans Video: Gaining Perspective on Immigrant and EL Families' Lives

Through a video and follow-up activity, participants will learn about the experiences of immigrant and EL families and communities.

Tips for Engaging Families and Communities

Participants will be introduced to a set of 5 Tips for Engaging Families and Communities and will discuss ways in which they can implement the tips in their program.

Resource Mapping

In this activity, participants will begin identifying resources and services that could be useful for the families of English Learner's in their program.

Training Length: 4 hours

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